Logistics and distribution

From anywhere in the world

The fruits & vegetables sector, due to its characteristics, is a global sector active all year round. Given the huge number of different types that exist, and the variability of the demand, which depends both on the time of the year and the region, it is essential to have an extensive logistics network that ensures the supply and delivery of the product in optimal conditions.

We work with several of the most important shipping companies, bringing the product from its country of origin to the main ports in the world while ensuring that it remains fresh, perfect and delicious. Once on land, our transport partners come into play, distributing our product to anyone who requires it, with as tigh as possible transit times. When working with carriers, we make a careful selection based on efficiency, costs and environmental sustainability.

We have our own cold warehouse in which we keep the merchandise, and partners in the main European markets, along with some other importing partners around the globe.

«Thanks to our collaborators, we can offer the highest quality at the lowest price»

More than 1,500m 2 of ripening and cold chambers for optimal conservation of our products

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