Nuttra Fruits was born with the firm purpose of becoming one of the worldwide reference suppliers of fruits & vegetables. Our passion about the food sector, coupled with the wide experience of our workers in the wholesale, import-export and trading fields, allows Nuttrafruits to grow and improve every day.

Is beyond doubt that the fruits & vegetables are a very important part in our diet, and with the recent progress in nutrition and diets, along with the increased number of people that sticks to vegan and vegetarian diets, that importance does nothing but grow. In Nuttrafruits we want to participate in that progress and contribute with our grain of sand (or rather, with our seed) to create a better future, allowing people to access to better quality foods at competitive prices.

Sales network

Our sales network covers the entire national territory an integral service to our customers.

Import / Export

Any kind of fruits and vegetables from anywhere, wherever you need with the best fresh and quality at your fingertips.


We have our own distribution centers, nationwide, so 24 hour delivery is guaranteed.

Our Philosophy

To achieve our mission of providing great quality and fresh products, we have a set of values on which we rely and on which we support every decision we make:

– Relationships: We believe that relationships are a big part of mankind, and we translate that concept into our company, striving to maintain long-lasting and fruitful relationships with our suppliers and customers, so everyone can benefit from this mutual collaboration.

– Transparency: To maintain these good long-term relationships, is indispensable to act with total transparency. Thus, we pride ourselves on being totally available to our clients and suppliers, to solve any doubt they can have and to help them as much as possible in their tasks, so productivity and good communication is optimized.

– Flexibility: Something every company dedicated to the trade learns is the importance of flexibility when operating. Although we strive to make the process smooth and without incidents, there are always incidents, unforeseen problems or simply changes in the conditions. Because of that, we consider vital to adapt ourselves to any circumstance quickly and efficiently, being flexible in order to solve the problems that may arise for our customers or suppliers.

– Optimization: The main added value an intermediary like us creates is the fact of performing the whole process efficiently, from the time the product is collected until it reaches the customer´s hands. We have a team with extensive experience that allows us to manage tasks effectively and optimize time.

«We work hard to make your work easier»

No time to waste

One of the challenges any company that trades with fruits & vegetables faces is the need of working against the clock and with a very precise timing, to be able to serve them fresh and in good condition.

Thus, we have create a wide and strong web of intermediaries and carriers that ensure us a quick and without incidents transit in every part of the process.

Besides, we check that our products comply our strict quality standards and all the regulations necessary for their sale, carrying out an exhaustive monitoring and having 100% traceability throughout the process.

As mothers say…you don´t play with the food!

Origins and destinations

In order to offer the highest quality possible, at Nuttra Fruits we work every day with several producers and importers from all over the world. Furthermore, we are tirelessly seeking new opportunities for collaboration to discover new markets and origins with which we can operate.

Our products come from all over the globe, mainly from countries with a wide recognition for their fruits and vegetables: China, South Africa, Chile, Egypt, Morocco, Spain, etc.

We don´t want to deprive anyone of the opportunity to taste such succulent (and nutritious) delicacies, so our reach is virtually unlimited. Whether you are a wholesaler in France, a supermarket in Japan or a trader in Netherlands, we will be happy to supply you with our product.